Medical Marketing

Medical Marketing is a Process, not a Transaction

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an intimidating concept to most medical professionals. At Red Hot Marketing we take an organic approach to digital content marketing. Our medical marketing specialists take the time to break down concepts so our valued clients feel comfortable with each strategic marketing decision. With over ten years’ experience in the medical marketing industry, we understand how to take medical practices to the next online level. Our team specializes in positioning medical professionals to be found online through a proven promotion strategy.

Patients today are using online tools to search for credible medical providers at an unprecedented pace. They demand what we call “social proof” before establishing a relationship. They want to feel like they know you and your practice before they ever make an initial inquiry. At Red Hot Marketing we understand that, as a busy medical professional, you do not have time to educate yourself on the finer points of search engine optimization – let alone execute a successful campaign. Let us do the heavy lifting while you focus on your core medical competencies. Our proven medical marketing approach will bring in new patients, boost your online credibility, and create new streams of revenue for your practice.

Medical Marketing

We understand that in today’s fast-paced world of medicine, time is money. With regulations and insurance premiums rising, the savvy medical practitioner must find ways to differentiate their practice from the herd.

  • Do you wish you had more time to discuss current medical research in your specific niche?
  • Is there a half-written manuscript laying in a drawer that you have yet to publish?
  • Are patients increasingly asking about your online presence?
  • Have you Googled your name and been disappointed?

Let us help you tell the world what you know and package it in a meaningful manner. Our digital marketing team will respond on your behalf, guide you through the online publishing process, and make your Google search robust. Red Hot Marketing will craft custom medical marketing solutions and diversify your practice through new online channels. Our 8-step process will drive more business to your website that you ever thought possible.

The Red Hot Marketing System

Website Optimization: Our team will diagnose your current website(s) and position content to be direct and actionable. We will help you and your staff create insightful blog entries that speak to your current and future patients. Our website developers will optimize website(s) to be mobile ready and fully responsive.

Search Engine Optimization: Once website(s) are coded properly for today’s mobile society, Red Hot Marketing will break down each individual website page and structure content to be found by search engines and read by potential customers. Targeted traffic will naturally increase with each piece of unique content created.

Local Maps: Working with sites like Bing, Yahoo, and Google my Business, Red Hot Marketing will promote medical practices locally. Potential customers will see verified business demographics that display easily on interactive maps.

Local Directory Listings: Medical marketing begins with proper indexing. Red Hot Marketing will submit your medical practice to millions of online directories, citations, and business databases. By manually submitting your website to relevant internet outlets, search engines will keep your content indexed and up-to-date. This piece of the SEO puzzle is crucial to being found online.

Video Marketing: Sites like YouTube and Instagram have become leaders in medical marketing communications. Medical influencers such as doctors, administrators and therapists can spread research and messages far and wide through video. Red Hot Marketing understands how important it is to appear credible to future clients and believes properly structured video marketing is a must. Well produced media can then be cross promoted to other social media channels.

Social Media Marketing: No longer can a business owner claim to be on social media with a personal Facebook account. Today, the social landscape demands Facebook fan pages, active Twitter accounts and well-crafted LinkedIn profiles. Medical marketing will be spread throughout not only professional referral sources but also through lifestyle gurus and customer advocates. Strategic online alliances refer targeted patients to your medical practice.

Pay-per-Click and Paid Placement Ads: A thriving medical practice is highly attractive to advertisers. Pay-per-click and paid placement campaigns can create a secondary source of online income for any medical practice. Pharmaceuticals, durable medical equipment suppliers and wellness services are just a few examples of prospective medical advertisers that will pay to place ads on optimized medical websites.

Reputation Marketing: Properly executed digital medical marketing includes monitoring, reporting and influencing online perceptions. One negative review by a hospital or customer can cause damage, Red Hot Marketing will participate in the social conversation on your behalf. Our team will engage social followers and participate in targeted customer feedback campaigns. We will reply to industry articles, social leaders, and public review forums such as Yelp and Google+.

Red Hot Marketing has decades of experience executing digital marketing strategies for health professionals. Our 8-step approach is designed to take away stress from busy medical professionals like you and let you get back to doing what you do best. We believe in staying proactively engaged with patients, online partners, and vendors to uncover the next opportunity for your medical practice.

Your brand identity is as unique as your practice. It is our belief that digital marketing campaigns should be built on a deep knowledge of customer needs and desires. Red Hot Marketing takes an organic approach to uncover what you and your staff hope to achieve and will execute a personalized medical marketing plan. When online opportunities present themselves, Red Hot Marketing will create actionable steps and make it painless on you and your staff. It takes specialized tactics to engage and develop relationships with patients, but through our proven medical marketing system we will be able to decipher what is on your customers’ minds and deliver appealing content directly to them. They will feel connected to your practice even when they are not in your office.